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Location now at your fingertips

In an emergency, simply one touch on the SOS button sends alerts to three numbers, with location.

How It Works

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9trax Personal GPS Tracker

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  • Single-Touch SOS
  • Emergency Calling from Device
  • Single-Click Snoop In & Listen
  • Real time tracking
  • One month history
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy to use
9trax Personal GPS Tracker
  • Switch Off Control
  • Call in Silenty
  • Safe Zone Alerts
  • Sudden Fall Down Alert
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Speed alerts
  • Distance travelled


9trax helps me to track my little kid when she takes the bus to school and returns. I know exactly that she is safe. I have gifted one to my college going niece too.

My elderly Mom is prone to fall and fracturing due to decrease in bone density. Doc advised continuous monitoring. I have gifted her a 9trax, it has a “fall down alert” system, that works.

My father is 84 and mother is 77. I have presented each of them a 9trax. Because of Alzheimers my father often forgets the route to home. With 9trax on him, now I am relieved.

I am often late from office and have to travel alone, my family used to worry about me every day. Now my mother can see when I left office and where I am, how long will it take for me to return.

Attach 9trax on your valuables so you can track them anywhere, any time!

9trax is used for people, pets, field workers, vehicles, valuable assets, school bags, hand bags and other devices – anything!

9trax acts as an emergency device.

In an emergency, simply one touch on the SOS button sends alerts to three numbers, with location.

Lone worker Monitoring, Security, Safety and Emergency communications with GPS based 9trax Personnel Tracker watches and keeps safe the Lone, Isolated, High risk worker or individual’s safety device. With alerts for sudden fall detections, SOS Alarm with live and recorded audio and many more features. 9trax personnel emergency duress device is the most reliable, more discrete and easy to use solution available today, contributing to the highest level of protection and duty of care that your company and clients or employees require for your peace of mind and to comply with Government Legislations.

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