GPS Personal Tracker for Lone Worker with Alarm

Magikk GPS Tracker is a portable GAGAN enabled Multi-GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) combined tracking device for monitoring, lone workers, children, elderly, cars etc. Equipped with emergency fall down alarm, SOS functions and easy-to-use GPS tracking system, you can implement real-time tracking anywhere through a mobile phone or laptop.

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9trax device specifications

Key Features

  • Call recording
  • Listen in facility
  • SOS broadcasting to WhatsApp
  • Navigate to SOS location from App
  • Dual mode switchable – Drive or Walk
  • In-cabin voice alert for Dangerous Driving
  • Low battery alert
  • No movement alert
  • Route deviation alert
  • Over speed alert
  • POI
  • Reverse geo coding integrated
  • Device work time control
  • No data alert
  • Device switch off control
  • Integrated with Google Map
  • Android app
  • Google alerts integrated
  • iOS app
  • History Playback of the movement
  • Drop Protection
  • Log record in device