Delhi, now better known as New Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT), is a city and a union territory of India. New Delhi is the capital of India and the city of Delhi actually consists of two components: Old Delhi, in the north, the historic city; and New Delhi, in the south. It has lots of historical places to attract the tourists. Densely populated, this city has its own flavor and charm.

Concerns in your city

We are on a mission to make our country free from all kinds of thefts, robbery, molestation and eventually make it a place that is safe and secured for everyone.

However, this mission is incomplete without tracking those notorious people who are instrumental behind all such uncivilized acts.

Currently, our team is working on the following sectors:


  • Women's Safety
    Women’s Safety
  • Child Safety
    Child’s Safety
  • Elderly Safety
    Elderly Safety
  • Driver Safety
    Driver Safety
  • Asset Theft
    Asset Theft


We look forward to your support and cooperation in this regard. In order to make this mission a success, we would require feedback from you so that we understand the challenges and concerns in your city in much greater details.

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If you are travelling to Delhi for the first time, then you should be a bit careful while travelling. Sometimes, even for experienced travellers it is difficult to handle the people out there as they try to rip you off. The nightlife of Delhi is not at all safe as there are lots of molestation happening there. Apart from the crimes mentioned above, there are other types of crimes as well like theft, armed robbery, and harassment. So, the lives of women are not at all safe.

9trax GPS Personal Tracking device can act as a personal safety device for women in Delhi as they have to travel alone and sometimes late in the evening. It can act as a Ladies Safety Equipment for any situation. For daily commuters 9trax can be a very useful device for their safety.

Safety and security of school going children are a big concern for parents in today’s generation as many a times both the parents are working and very much worried about whether their child is safe at school or while commuting. In Delhi most couples are working, so their concern is more. So, 9trax can help them get relieved as they can track their child anytime they want.

As most people in Delhi have cars, 9trax can help track drivers as well. If 9trax car tracker online is provided to your driver, it means you know exactly where he is, where is your car, and he is all the time just a call away without having to buy him a whole mobile phone. On the other hand the driver can also contact you in case of any need or send an SMS by pressing the red colored SOS button.

As Delhi comprises of lot many good companies, lots of employees are working over there. So, 9trax Personal GPS Tracker can be very effective as it can be provided to the sales teams for Field Sales force tracking. Sometimes when a sales executive does not visit the client and doesn’t report correctly to his manager, it is difficult to track. So, Stesalit has come up with the 9trax GPS Personal Tracking device which is a simple solution to track and monitor field sales team. In Delhi, as Railways play an important part and the number of employees involved in the work of patrolling is quite high and most of the time they are in the field, tracking them is necessary, otherwise it is difficult to find out whether they are actually doing their work or sitting at home.

As Delhi is an over populated city, tracking one’s belongings is very much need. It is very much possible to track one’s belongings through this device as one can keep the device in a bag. In case the bag is lost, he can track the same through the help of the 9trax application on his mobile.


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